My journey began towards the end of 2002. I received a direct mail piece all about a business opportunity. Back then I didn’t know how I got on that person’s list (although I do now) but I received a 10 page sales letter telling me about a piece of software that I could use to print out gift certificates containing historical/factual information on a particular date that people would buy for other peoples’ birthdays and other special occasions and present them as a gift. It was something different and quite unique.

But what I hadn’t grasped, certainly up until this point, was that even in 2002 ordinary people, folks like you and me, were actually making a full-time living selling “stuff” online. They were selling to people like me…I was buying their stuff. I thought that it was only the big corporations and suppliers that were selling stuff online. Not the little guys! I never dreamed that the little guy was making so much money! man-with-dollar-sign-01 It hit me in 2003/2004 that people were making a full-time living online, a fantastic living…and it was then that I learnt of the possibilities and potential that this “internet thing” had going for it.As soon as I realised it was truly possible to make money this way I became very unsettled with my lot in life and being an employee began to really frustrate me. It was the time for money thing and lack of leverage that got to me.

So I started learning about internet marketing. I bought product after product in the hope that something would show me the way forward and help me to make money. I tried doing anything. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and so if it looked interesting and there appeared to be potential earnings to be had then I would try it. Over the years I have tried everything…but more often than not I failed at it…because for whatever reason it didn’t work for me. And if this sounds like you then I understand exactly what you’re going through. I couldn’t stop thinking “Is it my fault?”. “What am I doing wrong?”. “Why can’t I seem to make money online like everyone else?” Basically my salary from my employment funded my “education” in the internet marketing space and my credit card took a hammering throughout the years and years of “learning”!

Was I missing something? Was I destined to live life in the rat race? All of these thoughts went through my head – over and over again. When I sat down and really thought hard about it, I realised that the problem was me. Man-Thinking-02I was buying everything, leaping from one thing to the next. At every purchase I was changing focus. I never gave myself enough to fully work through each opportunity. All that I needed to do was choose one particular business model and get on with it! But which one? There are so many to choose from!

And this might be where you are now in your journey, i.e. you’ve seen all these people making money online and you want a piece of it. That’s exactly how I was and it’s precisely what I was thinking too! But, where do you start?

Well, that’s where I come in…

As you know this internet “thing” is a seriously big puzzle to get right and make sure everything is in place and working. You need a clear map with basic systems to help you navigate the maze. I struggled with this part for years…trying to piece everything together.

First I began looking around for the most successful person that I could find. But the person I wanted couldn’t just be any old “guru”. Most importantly the person must resonate with me, be a real down to earth person and not some “I’m way too good to talk to you type guru” in the internet marketing space. They had to have a proven track record, not just some way off the planet statistics and screenshots of unproven income.


I was looking for something to replace the J.O.B. I hated that 9-5 working pattern. I hated being told what to do all day and every day…it  just drove me mad. And that is what you are looking for too. You are in the same boat as I was back then and you are desperate to get out of your situation too.


man-cheerful-01Well I’ve found something that works and you can profit from it too. I’ve learnt about multiple streams of income and how to make all the moving parts work together and make real money as a result. Now you can too…


Wishing you every success…