Consistency is Key

Today I’m writing about something that I should’ve taken more attention of myself all those years ago when I first started out on this journey of online marketing.

The topic is about consistent focus. I’m writing about this today because it’s something that I know I’ve failed to do and this post will act as a reminder to myself that today was the day that I made the decision to take my own advice and do what I say for once…and that is to have consistent focus in everything I do.

Without consistent focus it will be very hard to reach my goals and live the life I want to live. It will be impossible to reach my dreams and have the business that I want to have which will give me the income I want to live my life the way I want.

You should be thinking about this topic too. If you’re reading this you may be one of the very few people in this world that is currently “in flow” and you are producing results from “consistent focus”. If so then fabulous, good luck to you. Why not give the rest of us some ideas about how you do it and how you keep yourself from falling by the wayside and straying from your focus. Add a reply to this post…please. We would like to know how you do it.

As for those of you reading this and thinking “yes, that’s me. Bright shiny object syndrome..on to the next best thing.” As yourself this (I have asked myself this already and the answer is it hasn’t worked for me!)…has this approach worked so far for you? Where are you now in comparison to where you were or where you wanted to be.

Examples of consistent focus:

Regular blog posts, producing videos for your video training sessions on a regular basis e.g. one per day, regular bank reconciliations of your accounts if you’re doing your own books and so on.

Don’t let things build up until they’re too much to do in one go. Bite sized chunks is best and that’s where consistent focus is your FRIEND.

So, I will start to listen to my own advice starting today. The question is…will YOU?

I’d love to hear your thoughts please. Write a quick comment/response below.