What does it mean? Well I looked it up at Dictionary.com and there are a number of different meanings, but the meaning I’m trying to get across to you in this blogpost can be see in 7 and 8 below:

verb (used with object), focused, focusing or (especially British) focussed, focussing.
to bring to a focus or into focus; cause to converge on a perceived point:
to focus the lens of a camera.
to concentrate: to focus one’s thoughts;
to focus troop deployment in the east.
Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/focus

You see…when trying to make money online, starting a new job, in fact when learning any new skill it takes time and effort and FOCUS to make a success of it.

So the acronym of this word that I’ve heard mentioned (and a word that I first heard many years ago) is this…
F.O.C.U.S – get it! That is it. Now I caveat that with making sure your ‘course’, whatever that course is, has the potential to give you what it is you want or need, e.g. money, skills, the body you want etc. Don’t FOCUS on the wrong things. Instead FOCUS on the right things that get you where you want to go and keep at it. Don’t give up.

If you try something you might succeed at it.
If you don’t try something you’ll never succeed at it!

So how does this manifest in real life? Great question! Glad you asked!

So…I’m afraid to say 99% of the population have adult ADD (attention deficit disorder) and cannot stick to one thing at a time. You might’ve heard of something called “bright shiny object syndrome”! Well this is the problem I have faced and I’m trying to fight it 🙂

Basically it’s where I see something that potentially could make money and help advance my goals, yet I don’t invest the time or effort into it and oops…then something else comes along with more potential to make money.

Most things can make you money, if you FOCUS on it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. But again one word of warning…make SURE what it is you think you want to do/try is capable of making you money. Check the market and whether there’s demand there.

So remember…don’t do as I do, do as I say (and I’m taking doses of my own medicine here too) and FOCUS! Follow ONE course until successful (and you have to define what success is for you).

Until next time…keep going.