Just Keep Going!

As you can see from the date of this post it’s been a while since I last wrote anything here.

Why is that?

Why, when I love to keep in touch with you, my subscribers and followers, do I not seem to find the time to write something that will help you in your business or your life when at the end of the day that is what I want to do?

Good question!

I’ve been pondering that question for a while (inbetween firefighting a number of issues in my other business) and I’ll be honest here (as I always am of course!).

Life and my other business did get in the way… quite a bit actually. And before you say it, I know…that’s no real excuse, but maybe you know this already when it happens to you but  frankly, I felt guilty.

I felt that the longer that time went on and I still hadn’t written anything and contacted you it was going to be harder to contact you and write something that you’d find valuable and I felt more and more guilty. It was all in my own head though.

People are forgiving…generally. But the one person that isn’t so forgiving is yourself (or me in this case). I was giving myself a hard time for not sitting down and writing something for you. Something educational or inspirational etc.

So what I had to do was just accept what had happened…life got in the way a bit…but the important things is to get back on track and start again…whatever you can do, just do it, however small it might seem to you.

Then begin to build up momentum until you get back on track and you’re up to speed again. Even if you weren’t at any specific speed…just start again. Have a think about what you want to do and need to do and then break it down into small bite-size chunks and concentrate on getting

Stop beating yourself up over what happened. Just get back up, dust yourself off and start again. Write that blog post. Create that video training session. Write that letter that you’ve been putting off for so long…just do it.

I had that lesson from a very good friend of mine. You need someone to look out for you and cover your back when you get side-tracked. They need to help you see you’ve got off track and try to get you back on the track. You need a community.

Community is what will help you stay or get back on track and I’m part of a community that helps me do just that.

It’s a membership site by Chris Farrell – he’s got a fabulous forum full of very helpful people that I find I can ask questions of at any time when I get stuck. It’s like having a load of mentors in your own back pocket!

Click HERE to find out more about it and to help keep you on track going forward.

P.S. well worth setting up a weekly reminder to visit the site and have a quick look around for ideas and inspiration for the next blog entry…that way you won’t leave it so long next time!