The Future Growth of Video in the Local Offline Business World

Local businesses need customers to survive and thrive. Without customers the business won’t be in business that long and to this end video is already one of the hottest trends that can help the local business.

How can video help a local business? Well it’s because a good video on the business home page will help convert traffic into customers because they have seen and heard the business owner or staff, they’ve begun to build a relationship with the business (albeit in a very small way) and it makes a faceless medium (the internet) become almost human again!

Here’s an infographic I found which depicts the growth and future development of video and how small local businesses should take advantage of this right now.
Small Business Video infographic has an offer on where we can provide a video to go up on your existing website which will capture your visitor’s attention and engage them to such a degree that a high percentage of those visitors would buy from you.

Use the Audio or Video contact forms to the right of this page to get in touch with us and tell us what your requirements are.

The cost of this service is only £297.