Tools and Resources

Below is a list of the tools and resources that I use and recommend. Just click on the blue links or the images to be taken to each particular product or service to find out more about it.

1.  This is the hosting company that I use for my sites…

There are a number of difference hosting providers out there but in my view I think Hostgator is the best and most consistent out there. They have a number of different plans available to you but you must get the BABY plan at a bare minimum as this allows us to host an unlimited number of websites should we ever need to. The package below BABY only allows for the hosting of ONE site. If you want another website you have to buy another hosting package, which is just not worth it.




2.  This autoresponder is one of the most efficient and well respected services in the world…that’s why I use them and you should too…

Aweber is a tool that is really easy to use and allows us to build our email list and mail our list on a regular basis. It is a must have tool as an internet marketer and it allows us to stay in touch with our subscribers automatically or deliberately on a one-off basis by sending out a broadcast message. You really cannot do without this service.